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Find the perfect vacation home

At Hello Zeeland, we take you through the process of finding your ideal vacation rental. From determining your wants and needs to finding that one perfect location and accommodation. So sit back, have a cup of coffee or tea and let's work together to find the ideal vacation home for you!

Rent a vacation home from a private owner

At Hello Zeeland you can easily rent a vacation home from a private owner. This means that Hello Zeeland is the intermediary through whom the booking is made, but you can also contact us for questions before, during or after your stay. Renting from a private owner has many advantages, such as flexibility and privacy. Moreover, there are different types of vacation homes available, ranging from cozy cottages in the polder to luxury villas in the dunes. Through you can safely and easily place your booking. 

Exploring different destinations

Are you looking for an unforgettable stay in beautiful Zealand? Whether you dream of the minimalist beauty of a cabin or tiny house, the opulence of a villa, coziness of an apartment or enjoy a lively vacation park, the options are many. Just like the diversity of our beautiful province of Zeeland.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation, an active outdoor experience or go for a cultural adventure. Be surprised by the different regions and villages. For example, fishing village Breskens offers a fantastic view of the Westerschelde and a bustling harbor, while fashionable Domburg - Zeeland's oldest seaside resort - is known for relaxation and the best wave surfing spot in the country! Oostkapelle, on the other hand, attracts nature lovers with its surrounding nature reserves, while Westkapelle impresses with its iconic lighthouse and maritime heritage. 

Your travel party and the type of vacation home

First determine the size of your travel party and the type of vacation home you need. Do you have a family with children? Then a family-friendly vacation rental is probably ideal where playgrounds abound. Are you taking your favorite four-legged friend on a trip? Then it's important to rent a pet-friendly vacation home vacation home. These vacation homes often have a (fenced) garden so that your animal friend can enjoy himself in the garden.

Or maybe you are looking for a special address for a unique vacation experience. How about ÖÖD houses with mirror glass that blend in with nature? Only at Hello Zeeland can you book these special accommodations at Buitenplaats Zeeuwse Liefde in Westkapelle. For those who want to explore Zeeland with a large group, there are also large vacation homes with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms. Undertake joint activities such as barbecues, game nights and long beach walks. This allows you to spend real quality time with your friends or family. 

In summary, to find the best options, filter your preferences based on these needs. Look for vacation rentals in Zeeland that fit the size of your travel party and the themes and interests you care about. Look at the amenities and facilities offered and decide which options are the best fit.

Location and proximity to attractions

Zeeland is located in the southwestern part of the Netherlands, surrounded by the North Sea, the Western Scheldt and the Eastern Scheldt. Everywhere in Zeeland you are close to the water, whether you stay on the coast or inland. Moreover, you can easily get around Zeeland by car and you will hardly ever get stuck in traffic jams. On the way, you will drive mostly through beautiful nature and vast polder landscapes. Villages like Cadzand and Zoutelande are easily accessible and offer several nice restaurants, beach bars and stores. Rent a vacation home and enjoy the stretched beaches throughout Zeeland.

Equipment and facilities

The most sought-after amenity when renting a vacation home is pets allowed. Fortunately, many vacation homes in Zeeland offer this option. Swimming pools are also very popular, especially in the summer months. Do you want to completely relax and unwind during your stay? Then a sauna might be a popular facility. For those with special needs, facilities for the disabled are an important factor when choosing a vacation rental. Popular facilities can be filtered when searching for a vacation rental, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

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