What do we all do?

In recreational rentals, you rely heavily on repeat bookings, positive reviews and recommendations. Guest service has many facets; after analyzing thousands of guest messages and reviews, the pillars have been reduced to speed, accuracy, excellent service and personalization, all of which are our top priority.

We are where potential guests are. From optimally set online travel agencies to socials. We link with the top performing Online Travel Agencies such as Booking, Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO. We are constantly looking at the optimal settings and new players in the market. We analyze and take action where necessary.

With professional photos, video, well-written texts, clever titles and completely set profiles, we promote your accommodation to the maximum. Optimizing this is part of our daily work.

We make every effort to achieve the highest possible utilization at the best possible price. We are constantly looking at the data and at the market. We analyze, are proactive and constantly optimize our pricing and accommodation strategies.

Both checking in and out is contactless with us. This means that guests can go directly to the accommodation and do not have to stand in line somewhere to pick up a key. The vacation can begin immediately! If the guest needs us we are of course here 7 days a week. During evening hours, we have an emergency number where we can be reached.

The guest is our starting point, we go for 100% Guest Happiness. We provide guests with the right information at the right time. We are communication strong, have years of experience in Hospitality, from starred restaurants to luxury hotels. Our team is available through various channels, not only for guests, but also for you as the owner. Online or at our physical locations, anything is possible.

Technological advances have made so many areas of our lives easier and smoother, and guests expect the same when it comes to their vacation. They want a perfect line of communication with the host. They want their needs anticipated and all complications avoided. But more than that, guests are asking for something else. They are no longer looking for general vacations. They want unique and personalized vacations. As hosts, our job is to provide that.

Every day we optimize our communications, what question comes when and why, what can we do with it? Our goal: a communication so powerful that no support is needed.

We work with our own cleaning team, which means short lines and efficient work. Our cleaners are aware of their reviews and-just like landlords-don’t want to offer a bad experience and/or get a review. So there is built-in accountability. We pair multiple cleaners with your property that can be automatically scheduled if someone cancels, so we have fall-back options we can take advantage of. We have built-in fail-safe systems that have proven themselves multiple times.

Our technical team fixes defects, and where specialty is required, we bring in the right partners. Our partners are reliable, available 7 days a week and can move quickly. Whether it’s a broken lock or central heating failure, they are there when your property needs them.

Team Eigenaren Hello Zeeland
Team Hello Zeeland Janniek

Why choose Hello Zeeland?

Personal and unique

We have years of experience in hospitality so we know exactly what guests are looking for when they stay with us, the importance of unique and personal experiences and how to make those experiences fantastic. We offer more than clean and damage-free accommodations. We provide an all-in Zeeland experience through our products online and offline. Discover the best addresses and experience ultimate hospitality. That fantastic guest experience is our goal and that’s what makes the difference. Our passion makes us driven and our experience makes us skilled.

Marketing Hello Zeeland
Reisgids Hello Zeeland

Marketing online and offline

From our inspirational travel guides & practical information before arrival, email marketing, cool welcome pack on arrival and Zeeland products in our inspiration café. Our hosts are ready 7 days a week to make your guests happy with inspiring content through our online channels, surprise them with inspiring guides and the best Zeeland products during their stay.

Appartement Duno Lodges in Oostkapelle

Totally landed!

Software tools

Our software is sophisticated. Both in the management of your property, reservations for optimal occupancy, contact internally with the Hello Zeeland team and our partners, contact with your guests before, during and after the stay to encourage repeat visits. We deploy advanced software everywhere to achieve the very best results. We have that knowledge and use our knowledge of that software for your accommodation.

Vakantieappartementen Breskens
Port Scaldis
Tiny houses Groede

Packages and rates

Whether it’s a Tiny House, apartment or villa, we have experience in renting all kinds of vacation homes.

With the package ‘FREEDOM‘ we relieve you from head to toe when renting out your holiday home; this ranges from generating reservations, contacting guests, cleaning, technical management and marketing. For this package, you pay 20% commission to us.

So do you have a vacation home you want to rent out? Tell us all about it and we will ensure maximum income from your beautiful vacation home.

Prefer a customized package?

That too is possible! We are happy to listen to your needs. Contact us using the form below or call us at +31 118 236 191 or email owners@hellozeeland.com.

Vacation home registration

Fill out the form to receive more information about Hello Zeeland’s services and a customized proposal. We will get back to you in the near future.

Take advantage now of a €300 commission discount when you register your vacation home.

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Kantoor Domburg Hello Zeeland
Kantoor Domburg Hello Zeeland

Totally landed!

In April 2022, we moved to our new office in the heart of Domburg, and we can tell you: we have completely landed! After working hard to get the whole office in a Hello Zeeland look, on a warm Thursday afternoon in August we celebrated the official opening at the Schuitvlotstraat in Domburg! Curious about our office and this cozy and tasteful afternoon? Watch the video back at your leisure and if you would like to visit again: you are welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot answer all questions immediately. But a lot of it! Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed here? Contact us at owners@hellozeeland.com or call +31 118 236 191.

Of course. We work with our own cleaning team. This allows us to work very efficiently and ensure quality. Any comments from vacation guests we take great care to address.

Yes, you can. At any time, you can specify through your own dashboard when you want to use your property yourself. We call this a blockage. Guests cannot book your property during this period.

Yes. Once we have sent the owner’s statement to you, you can log into your personal dashboard and view the current revenue here.