Vakantiehuis Cadshuis in Cadzand
Vakantiehuis Cadshuis in Cadzand

Luxury vacation homes and villas in Zeeland

A vacation full of entertainment, relaxation and opulence does not always have to be spent in a villa in a warm country. Luxury vacation homes in Zeeland can also meet this expectation. And an added bonus of a luxury vacation home in Zeeland: privacy! After all, peace and quiet can be found here in every region.

Luxury vacation homes for rent in Zeeland

At Hello Zeeland, we think it is important that you can completely relax in one of our accommodations. Luxury vacationing in Zeeland should be experienced by everyone! In our vacation rentals you will enjoy the exclusivity of a private residence with infrared sauna, air conditioning, large garden and more. With various extras that you can easily add when you book online through us, you ensure even more comfort. For example, order (extra) bed linen and towels when booking your accommodation. In some of our luxury vacation homes in Zeeland, all the beds are even made up on arrival, so you can start your luxury vacation in Zeeland relaxed right away. There is also a free goodie bag waiting for you in each accommodation with typical Zeeland products!

Vakantiehuis Aardenburg Weststraat 2
Vakantiehuis Aardenburg Weststraat 2

Our luxury vacation rentals

In Zeeland – the province with the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands – you will find countless luxury vacation homes. For example, book a 2 or 4-bed cottage with a spa bathroom and walk-in shower.

Since “luxury” means something different to everyone, it is hard to imagine exactly what to expect from a luxury vacation home in Zeeland. Often a luxury means something you don’t have at home and would like to have on vacation to enjoy it to the fullest. If you can clearly see what luxury and comfort mean to you, you can filter accommodations accordingly on the Hello Zeeland website. For example, is a sauna a requirement for you if you want to enjoy your vacation in luxury? Then you can tailor your search accordingly. Air conditioning, wireless Internet and heating also means luxury for many during a vacation. Use our filter and find the vacation home of your dreams!

Our luxury villas

On our website you can also choose from a variety of luxury vacation villas in Zeeland. Would you like to celebrate a luxury vacation in Zeeland with a larger party? Then you can rent a luxury villa in Zeeland for a group. How about a 6, 10, or 12 person luxury villa in Zeeland with infrared sauna, multiple ground-level bedrooms and bathrooms and a spacious garden? Ideal for a relaxing weekend or (mid)week with family or friends. We also offer luxury villas in Zeeland for rent on our website that are wheelchair friendly.

Whatever accommodation you choose with us; the province of Zeeland is definitely a must if you are looking for a destination close to home! From our luxury vacation homes in Zeeland, the whole family – young and old – can go in all directions. Natural beauty, culture and history all come together here and keep you entertained in Zeeland. There is an awful lot to see and do. You’ll find natural areas, hiking and biking trails, restaurants, tea gardens & coffee shops, stores and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. In each region of Zeeland you will discover something different.

Popular destinations in Zeeland

There are several beautiful regions in Zeeland where you can stay in a comfortable and luxurious vacation home. We highlight two popular destinations:

This southernmost coastal region of the Netherlands is a popular destination among vacationers seeking luxury. For example, stay in the bustling town of Hulst or go for a stay in the seaside towns of Breskens or Cadzand. From a luxury vacation home in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, you can set out rested in the area to take a day across the border to Belgium or just stay in Zeeland and explore the miles of coastline.

  • In the region of Walcheren, you are guaranteed to experience a beautiful vacation. In this area of Zeeland you will find beautiful beaches where you can relax by the North Sea, Westerschelde or Veerse Meer. There are more than enough luxury vacation homes in Zeeland on Walcheren. So with us you can choose to stay in Domburg, Middelburg, Koudekerke, Zoutelande, Oostkapelle or Aagtekerke. In and around these places, moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to spend an evening dining in an atmospheric restaurant or enjoying a day of shopping.

Easy online booking at Hello Zeeland

Renting a luxury vacation villa in Zeeland is of course done through the Hello Zeeland website. Here you will find a selection of both luxury vacation homes in Zeeland on parks and homes offered for rent by private owners.

Of course, the choice of luxury vacation home depends initially on the group you are coming to vacation with. If you are traveling with 2 people, then an apartment is a good choice. But if you are traveling with a party of 8 or 10, then of course a luxury vacation villa in Zeeland must be big enough for all of you. So it is important then to go for a home with enough bedrooms and bathrooms. If you are traveling with children, it is also possible to book a child-friendly vacation home with us. In these accommodations, there are plenty of facilities for the smallest vacationers, which means you need to bring less stuff and you can leave for the vacation destination very relaxed even with the little ones.

Through Hello Zeeland you can book the vacation villa of your dreams easily online. The handy filter will help you get started in your search. Great if you want to bring your pet, for example; then you can use the filter to quickly check whether pets are allowed in the luxury vacation homes Zeeland that you are excited about. The booking process is simple, so it will take you very little time and effort to book a luxury vacation home.

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