Strand Groede
Strand Groede

Beachfront cottages in Zeeland

When the sun shines, we immediately feel like vacationing at the beach! And with some 650 kilometers of beautiful coastline and the highest number of sunshine hours in the country, how suitable is the province of Zeeland as a vacation destination! Spend your vacation in one of the beachfront cottages in Zeeland.

Beach cottage rental in Zeeland

Wake up to the sound of the sea in the background and stroll at sunrise on the endless, clean sandy beaches. Or just getting a breath of fresh air in the winter months and then enjoying a hot cup of chocolate at a beach pavilion and soaking up the peace and quiet. There are several places in Zeeland where you can rent a cottage on or near the beach in Zeeland. Even in high season there is a spot available. When will you wake up in a cottage on the beach in Zeeland?

Our beachfront vacation rentals

At Hello Zeeland we have different types of beachfront cottages in Zeeland. For example, we have apartments with direct sea views, but you can also book a cottage just over the dunes in a vacation park. We highlight the different regions where you can book a lovely cottage on the beach in Zeeland for any travel party:

  • West Zeeland Flanders region: Spending the night on the West Zeeland Flanders coast? Then consider visiting the villages of Breskens, Groede and/or Cadzand. All villages have a different character, but what all three have in common is their location on beautiful beaches. In Breskens we do not rent cottages directly on the beach, but we do rent waterfront apartments overlooking the sea or a vacation home just behind the dunes. From our vacation homes in Groede and Cadzand you are less than 10 minutes cycling – through the vast polders – to the coast. No punishment either right?
  • Walcheren Region: On the Walcheren coast are the popular (seaside) towns of Domburg, Oostkapelle and Zoutelande. At Hello Zeeland, we rent cottages in these villages, among others, that are within walking and biking distance of the sea. Not directly on the beach, but worth mentioning because you can walk right from your beachfront cottage onto the vast beaches. Similarly, Walcheren is an ideal destination for a beach vacation in Zeeland!

Zeeland; the perfect region for a beach vacation

Zeeland is a popular vacation destination with many Dutch and Germans. Some people come year in, year out to vacation in a cottage on the beach in Zeeland. This is not surprising, since Zeeland has the most hours of sunshine in the country and has something for everyone in terms of activities. Are you a lover of water sports? Then go kitesurfing, sailing or supping in Cadzand. Or do you prefer to stay grounded? Then biking or hiking throughout Zeeland is a good idea. Even for those who want to do nothing at all, you can sunbathe on the beach in Zeeland, take a refreshing dip in the sea or have a bite to eat at one of the many beach pavilions.

  • West Zeeland Flanders region: When you rent a cottage on Zeeland’s beach, a visit to one of Zeeland’s West Flanders villages is also a must. Consider artistic village Groede where art is central. The village is not big, but you will find plenty of nice lunchrooms, restaurants, museums and studios. Combine a visit to the village with an afternoon at the beach or drive on to surrounding villages such as Breskens or Nieuwvliet.
  • Walcheren Region: If you are on Walcheren, be sure to visit the seaside resort of Domburg where you can enjoy a relaxing day. Enjoy an afternoon of wellness and the clean sea air on the beaches. Fancy something a little more upbeat? You will certainly find that in the center where you will find a cozy street with dozens of stores and restaurants. You can also head toward the beach at Oostkapelle, where there are several playgrounds for children. Moreover, the village borders two nature reserves: The Manteling and Oranjezon. So you can combine your beach vacation with an active vacation in nature.
Strand Groede

Easily book your beach cottage with Hello Zeeland

With so many fun things to do, we understand that you would prefer to spend a few days or more in Zeeland. You can do that at Hello Zeeland in the nicest places. Spending the night in a cottage on the beach in Zeeland is super fun, but even in other places throughout Zeeland you can find plenty of nice cottages close to the sea. In short, there is always an accommodation to suit your beach vacation. Discover vacation rentals you can book with Hello Zeeland here!

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