Rent a vacation home in Zeeland?

Renting houses in Zeeland? You can do so through the Hello Zeeland website. In the vacation homes of Hello Zeeland you will undoubtedly have a fantastic vacation. Accommodations are located both in cities and in quiet, green areas. For example, enjoy a staycation in Middelburg or bring your surfboard to surf at the North Sea. Due to the province’s diversity and wide range of beautiful vacation homes, there is a fine destination for everyone.

Seaside resorts in Zeeland

Houses for rent in Zeeland can be found in one of the many seaside resorts, among others. Water sports enthusiasts should rent a house in Zeeland in the town of Cadzand-Bad, which is located in the southernmost region of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Thanks to the high waves, you (or your family members) can learn to surf well here. There are also several surf schools located in Cadzand where you can take lesson(s).

Another well-known coastal region is Walcheren. Here you will find picturesque towns and villages, such as Domburg, Zoutelande and Veere. Renting houses in Zeeland on the coast is easy because of the large supply. Some houses are located right behind the seawall, some apartments have a beautiful view of the sea, something everyone will appreciate. A vacation on the coast of Zeeland is a perfect choice if you want to unwind, but also enjoy fun activities in a province with the most hours of sunshine in all of the Netherlands.

Why you want to rent a house through Hello Zeeland (and not privately)

Many vacationers look for houses to rent in Zeeland on the Hello Zeeland website. This is not without reason, as the accommodations we rent are known for their luxurious appearance, personal touch, quality and comfort. Moreover, all our vacation homes have a beautiful garden or balcony. Relaxing outside on a summer evening is a luxury you always have here. In addition, there are other advantages to choosing to rent a vacation home in Zeeland through Hello Zeeland. After all, we have a lot of knowledge about Zeeland and can tell you all about the best restaurants, most beautiful cycling and hiking routes and nicest villages to explore near your accommodation. We also know all the ins and outs about our vacation homes; we inspect them regularly to ensure their quality. So do you want to rent a house in Zeeland? Then be sure to check out our website or contact us if you would like more information about accommodations or the area.

Our different types of vacation homes

Hello Zeeland is a fine booking website when it comes to renting houses in Zeeland. We have a large selection of different types of vacation homes. For families or large groups we rent spacious vacation homes, both on vacation parks and in villages or towns or in the countryside. Renting houses in Zeeland becomes extra fun when you book a vacation farm to stay in. A vacation farmhouse is authentic, atmospheric and incredibly spacious. So also perfect for groups or families. Our larger accommodations offer space for several people and the size also allows you to retreat nicely after a long day on the road together.

Want to rent a house in Zeeland with your family? Then check out one of our detached bungalows where both parents and children enjoy the cozy interior and spacious garden. The bungalows are located in vacation parks close to the sea, where young and old can enjoy the beautiful beaches and sea views. There is also plenty to do outside the vacation parks in the surrounding villages, pleasant towns or beautiful nature.

‘Houses to rent in Zeeland’ of course includes apartment rentals. Hello Zeeland rents out spacious apartments with sea views, as well as apartments in a village or town center.

Whatever accommodation you choose, Hello Zeeland offers you all the options you need to book a great vacation. All vacation homes are comfortable and spacious and have many facilities to fully enjoy your vacation in Zeeland.

Easily rent a house through Hello Zeeland

Renting houses in Zeeland can be done easily and quickly through Hello Zeeland. Scroll through our selection of vacation rentals and book your favorite. These range from luxury apartments to spacious vacation farms. Take a look and find out for yourself what kind of vacation homes you can rent in Zeeland!