Pastelkleurige strandhuisjes Domburg
Pastelkleurige strandhuisjes Domburg

Weekend away in Zeeland?

Fancy a weekend in Zeeland? Just do it! Enjoy a few days away in Zeeland, the sunniest province in the Netherlands. Book a nice vacation home near the beach and enjoy a few days by the sea. A weekend is quickly short, so better book a whole week in Zeeland right away.

Weekend in Zeeland

Of course during your weekend getaway in Zeeland you will enjoy the long wide sandy beaches and the fine clean sea. But there is much more fun to do. Be sure not to skip the quaint towns and authentic villages during your weekend in Zeeland. Grab a bike or take a nice walk and discover all the beauty in this sunny province. You’ll totally unwind with a few days’ vacation in Zeeland. Rather active during your weekend in Zeeland? No problem, put on your running shoes and run a lap around the beach. All the water in and around Zeeland offers endless opportunities for all kinds of water sports. Bet you want to book a weekend Zeeland every year?

The best regions and locations for a weekend getaway

Zeeland consists of many peninsulas and regions connected by bridges, dams and a tunnel. Below we list the regions and best locations for a weekend getaway in Zeeland. Each island has its own charm and nice places to explore. One is especially suitable for water sports enthusiasts, the other a walhalla for shoppers or sunbathers. At least you won’t be bored during a weekend in Zeeland.

Zeeland’s northernmost island is Schouwen-Duiveland. It is a fine island to explore during your weekend in Zeeland. The island is fringed by beautiful wide sandy beaches ideal for a nice beach vacation in Zeeland. There are also some truly natural beaches where birds nest. You also have a chance of seeing a seal on the beach here. In addition to beautiful beaches, you will also find well-known tourist and historical places like Zierikzee, Renesse and Burgh-Haamstede on Schouwen-Duiveland, which regularly host fun events. Book a weekend Zeeland during spring and experience the Straôrieën. In this event, the horses decorated from the stable go in procession to the sea and then trot through the water. A time-honored tradition that is now crowded. When visiting Schouwen-Duiveland, don’t skip the nature reserve De Kop van Schouwen either. Here you can take beautiful walks on foot or horseback. There is also a challenging mountain bike trail in the forest. Prefer paved cycling with an ebike, you can do that too!

Tholen is a slightly lesser-known island; it is almost adjacent to North Brabant. Are you ready for rest, especially in summer? Then this island is highly recommended for your weekend Zealand. For a moment, imagine yourself a local and enjoy the vast green landscape. Get on your bike and pass dikes, farms, mills and quaint little villages. The water is never far away, sniff the salty sea air as you hear the seagulls calling in the distance. Are you a diver? Then you’re in the right place here, too. Tholen is located near Oosterschelde National Park, where you can discover the beautiful underwater world from various dive spots. Here, time stands still and you can really take a moment to do whatever you feel like.

The region of De Bevelanden, as North and South Beveland are also sometimes called, is somewhat less well known than Walcheren and Schouwen-Duiveland. Still, it has a lot to offer for a weekend getaway in Zeeland. The Bevelanden borders both Lake Veere and Oosterschelde National Park. Although the islands are surrounded by water, except for the Banjaard, you won’t find many wide sandy beaches here. The region is especially popular with water sports enthusiasts such as windsurfers, canoeists and divers. In spring, a bike ride along the flower dikes of South Beveland is highly recommended; the region is known for its many orchards and blossoms. Even in summer, flowers add color to the quaint dikes and you’ll be surrounded by the abundance of greenery as you cycle. Goes offers fine shopping and the Bevelanden has a good selection of culinary restaurants, including a couple with Michelin stars.

Walcheren is one of the most famous regions in Zeeland. Here you will find endless sandy beaches and the highest dunes in Zeeland. From these dunes, paragliders fly down in the right wind. Near the beaches of Dishoek and Zoutelande, large cargo ships sail right along the coast, a unique sight. Also visit the nice historical towns like Middelburg and Veere during your weekend in Zeeland. Here you will see houses with stepped and bottle facades and boats sailing through the canals. In Middelburg, you can explore the canals with its beautiful houses by canoe by yourself. Prefer not to paddle yourself, rest assured you can also take a tour boat. Or from Veere, take a cruise on Lake Veere. In the Veerse Bos you can enjoy hiking and bird watching. Tasty dining out can be had in lots of places on Walcheren. Opt for a high tea on one of the terraces or in a real greenhouse in the countryside. Whatever you love, getting bored during your weekend Zeeland is not an option if you choose Walcheren.

The southernmost region of Zeeland is Zeeland Flanders. This region borders Belgium and it is very noticeable. Thus, the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen people are as much Burgundians as the Flemings in Belgium. Not surprisingly, you can find several good starred restaurants here, despite its small population. Enjoy all these goodies after visiting one of the endless sandy beaches. Cozy places are also plentiful and during your weekend Zeeland you are also in no time in neighboring Belgium. Also fun to do: grab a bike and follow the entire Zeeland-Flemish coast on fun bike paths over dikes and through the dunes. You will pass nice beach pavilions and pass several natural areas, such as the drowned Zwarte Polder and the Zwin. The latter nature reserve is located in both the Netherlands and Belgium. At boundary post 369 you have an insanely wide view of this seaside nature reserve.

What to do during a weekend getaway to Zeeland

Wondering what you can do during your weekend Zealand? You certainly won’t be bored here. Whether you are a water sportsman, shopper or bon vivant, there is something for everyone in Zeeland. Start your day with a good breakfast in a fine vacation home in Zeeland. Then spend the rest of the day on one of the many sandy beaches. Sunbathe, play with the children and cool off in the fine sea water. End the day with a bite to eat at one of the beach pavilions or go chic and reserve a table at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants. Grab a bike for a scenic ride over dikes and along water, hugging sheep and horses along the way. Don’t forget to stop for a nice picnic in the grass among the flowers. Shopping can be done in one of the nice towns like Middelburg, Zierikzee, Veere or Goes, here you will also find fascinating museums and beautiful historical buildings. Do you prefer to be active in the water? Then dive underwater, canoe across Lake Veere or catch the most beautiful waves with your surfboard. Doing nothing in the garden of your vacation home with a book and a drink in your hand, that is also possible during a week away in Zeeland.

Taking your faithful four-legged friend to Zeeland

Do you have a dog and want to spend a weekend in Zeeland? No problem! There are plenty of dog-friendly vacation rentals in Zeeland where your faithful four-legged friend is more than welcome. Zeeland has plenty of room for your dog to run, play and swim in the water. The endless beaches are nice not only for yourself, but certainly for your animal friend. Enjoy digging in the sand, finding treasures and smelling endless scents to be extensively investigated. Want to bet your dog will want to relax after a wonderful day at the beach in Zeeland? That way, you yourself have plenty of time to catch up with your partner or read a good book. On most terraces and at beach pavilions, your dog is also welcome and the refreshing water bowl is already waiting for your four-legged friend. A weekend Zeeland with dog is ideal, for both the dog and the owners.

Easy online booking at Hello Zeeland

Want a weekend away in Zeeland? Then book one of the nice vacation homes at Hello Zeeland. Having your own vacation home is ideal. You always have your own place where you have the space to relax. Often with balcony or garden, so you can extensively enjoy the wonderful weather during your weekend Zeeland. You have the choice of cooking for yourself or eating out. Children can play nicely outside or play games at the large dining table when the weather is not so nice. Often there is a fine wood-burning stove or fireplace to enjoy an extended drink or hot chocolate together in the spring and fall after a long walk on the beach. Go to our overview of vacation rentals and book your weekend getaway in Zeeland on the desired dates. Or go for a week in Zeeland, as there is plenty to see and do.

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