Vacation home for 12 people in Zeeland?

Visiting the province of Zeeland is always a good idea. Whether it’s winter and cold or summer and the sun is burning on your face. Whether you are a couple madly in love walking the narrow alleys of Veere or a whole group strolling along the beach. Zeeland is a place for everyone.

Vacation home for 12 persons in Zeeland

Fancy coming to Zeeland with a large group to celebrate vacations? A good plan! Alone as a group or family, it can still be difficult to find a suitable vacation home. To make that a little easier, we’ll give you a hand to find a vacation home for 12 in Zeeland!

Our luxury vacation rental(s) as a base of operations

Looking for a vacation home in Zeeland for 12 people? Then we can imagine that you are looking for a luxury home that is fine for everyone in the group and meets all expectations. A vacation home that has more amenities than a standard home and where attention is paid to the small details and personal attention. Fortunately, the days of big rooms with all kinds of bunk beds are over. More and more vacation homes in Zeeland for 12 people have a very different approach. A luxury vacation villa, stay overnight on a farm with an entire group or combine lodges so everyone is close together. Not a dull house, but hip and cozy for young and old!

What to do in Zeeland

If you book a vacation home in Zeeland for 12 people, you will naturally want to do a few things. Are you traveling with many children? Then a visit to the beach – regardless of whether it is summer or winter – cannot be missed during the vacations. In summer, children can enjoy swimming in the sea, playing in the sand and eating ice cream. In winter, on the other hand, getting a breath of fresh air on the beach and drinking chocolate milk at the beach pavilion is just another fun idea! Another great tip for when you are staying in a vacation home in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen with 12 people: take a cruise and spot seals and/or porpoises. Or take the Westerschelde ferry from Breskens to Vlissingen (or vice versa). The crossing in itself is an experience, but you also discover Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Walcheren by bike in an easy way.

Furthermore, Zeeland is also rich in beautiful hiking trails. Do the children find this boring? Then go for the Pearl Routes specially devised for the whole family/family. The routes are up to five kilomter long and interactive, so good to do – or rather – extra fun for the kids! But if the weather is not so good for a while, sometimes you will have to seek entertainment inside. Then an indoor playground such as Molen de Jonge Johannes in Serooskerke, Pierewiet in Nieuwvliet or Toversluis in Sluis is an ideal place!

Book your stay at Hello Zeeland

Look no further for vacation homes for 12 people in Zeeland, because at Hello Zeeland we have several options. Are you going for the classic vacation home with a rural farm feel? Or for a luxury villa in the heart of Domburg? Or would you rather combine two lodges in Oostkapelle of 6 people? In short, gather your friends and/or family members, book a wonderful vacation through our overview page and make memories you’ll never forget!

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