Vakantiehuis Jonkheer De Casembroodplein in Domburg
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Vakantiehuis Jonkheer De Casembroodplein in Domburg
Jonkheer De Casembroodplein 19

Private vacation rentals in Zeeland?

Renting a private vacation home in Zeeland has many advantages. The cottage is beautifully and tastefully decorated and each cottage is different. Whether you like modern or vintage, there is always an interior to suit your needs. You can find private vacation rentals from Hello Zeeland throughout Zeeland.

Private vacation homes Zeeland

Renting a private vacation home in Zeeland is a popular desire of many vacationers. Zeeland is therefore special. It is a diverse province with more than 5 different regions. There are pleasant villages and towns and plenty of nature. The beaches are wide and it is relatively quiet even in high season. Our private vacation homes in Zeeland are all close to these villages, towns and beaches. Each one is unique and lovingly decorated by the owner, which makes a stay in one of the houses extra special and personal.

The advantages of a private vacation rental

In our private vacation homes in Zeeland you will find a different kind of comfort in each house. For example, one house has an infrared sauna and ground-level bedrooms and bathrooms, and another accommodation has a spacious garden where your dog can run around. In yet another private vacation home in Zeeland, you will find a separate TV and game room for the children.

The biggest plus to a private vacation rental is the bit of extra service and attention paid to the facilities in and around the vacation home. This is often evident upon entry as well. The interior is tastefully decorated and includes homey details. Some of the vacation homes are even equipped with a sauna, air conditioning, electric car charging station or a balcony. In addition, in some of our private cottages in Zeeland you can reserve extra towels and bedding or make a special request with us. Even when it comes to a last-minute vacation!

Popular destinations in Zeeland

Zeeland is insanely beautiful. It is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. But also for sunbathers and Burgundians. Those who have been there will understand: a vacation in Zeeland is a great experience that you will not soon forget. And those who book a (private) vacation home in Zeeland, we really want to recommend a boat trip on the Westerschelde. Because you can always enjoy the Western Scheldt, whatever the weather in Zeeland. With the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, the sun shines regularly here, but even when it is raining and windy, it is pure enjoyment on and by the water!

There are seven regions in Zeeland, each with its own character. Walcheren, for example, is home to many picturesque villages and towns: Veere, Middelburg, Westkapelle and Koudekerke to name a few. In contrast, the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region has a more rural feel. In this southernmost region of Zeeland you will find the smallest village in the province: Number One. The houses here are surrounded by vast farmlands and are also by the sea. In whichever region you book a private vacation home in Zeeland, each house is in the midst of beautiful surroundings that are also bustling with activities.

What to do during your stay in Zeeland

You probably go to Zeeland to get some fresh air, enjoy nature and eat delicious food – perhaps in a typical mussel village with good restaurants. But besides the outdoors and nature, there is more. Throughout the year, for example, various events take place in Zeeland, such as Jazz in the City (Middelburg), Concert at SEA (Brouwersdam), Havendagen (Terneuzen) and Weitjerock (IJzendijke). There are also numerous fun hot spots that you can find on our website and socials.

So plenty to do throughout Zeeland. But to get back to nature; it is indeed wonderful walking, biking or just lazing around here with the sound of seagulls in the background. Relaxed hiking can be done in such places as Waterdunen nature reserve (Breskens, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region). Waterdunen is a nature park where migratory birds rest, wash, forage for food and drink water in the freshwater pools. If you follow one of the marked hiking trails here, you will come across several (birding) vantage points. From these bird huts you can view birds up close without disturbing them! Near Waterdunen nature reserve, we also rent a number of luxury private vacation homes. An ideal base for exploring Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and the rest of Zeeland.

Easily book your private private vacation home with Hello Zeeland

Hello Zeeland is a local intermediary that takes the worry of home rentals out of the hands of private homeowners. The advantage for you is that you can easily find a vacation rental that meets your conditions. After all, no two vacation homes in Zeeland privately are alike. Private homes are passionately decorated by the owners themselves, and you will find the luxury and comfort that you can sometimes lack in a standard vacation home. Moreover, because the lines of communication between you, us as mediators and the owner are short, you will receive a quick response to your question or request. Suppose you unexpectedly arrive at your destination a little early or you and your company like the stay so much that you would prefer to stay a few days longer. As long as the vacation home is not fully booked, such things are simply negotiable at Hello Zeeland.

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