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Vacation home for the disabled in Zeeland?

To enjoy a disabled vacation home in Zeeland carefree, it is essential to find the suitable accommodation. Throughout Zeeland, there are several adapted vacation homes to be found. Some are detached in nature, some are in a vacation park and some are situated in the middle of a village or town. These accommodations are all adapted with facilities and supplies for the disabled, allowing you to vacation undisturbed and worry-free.

A nice stay

As a disabled person, you are more limited in your choice of vacation activities and destinations. At Hello Zeeland, we believe it is important for everyone to enjoy a carefree and relaxing vacation. Zeeland is a province where you can experience a varied, enjoyable vacation while enjoying – mostly – sunny weather. Wherever you want to go in Zeeland, in every region we offer accommodation equipped with the necessary facilities for disabled people, such as a ground floor bathroom or an elevator to get to your vacation apartment.

Zeeland has several regions, each of which has its own peculiarities. Zeeland’s climate is generally mild on each island. If you book a disabled vacation in Zeeland, you can assume that the days out in the area often have adapted options that are wheelchair friendly.

  • The city of Middelburg – A day trip to Middelburg is a great tip for a disabled vacation in Zeeland. In the city you will find many sights and historic streets with authentic houses. Most of the attractions are wheelchair- and walker-friendly, and the city’s many museums are also wheelchair- and walker-friendly. At the Zeeuws Museum, for example, they offer many ways to visit the museum in a pleasant way (all info is on their website). Throughout the city you will also find cozy catering establishments where you, as a disabled person, can quickly and easily join a table.
  • The Delta Works – A visit to the world-famous Delta Works should not be missed during a disabled vacation in Zeeland. Therefore, this excursion is well suited for the disabled. At Neeltje Jans (part of Oosterschelde National Park), you can follow a green wheelchair route or take a look at a bird-watching hut via the wheelchair path.
  • The Manteling of Walcheren – In this Zeeland nature reserve, deciduous trees grow very close to the coast; extraordinary to see! Bird watchers can’t miss their luck here, as owls, cuckoos and nightingales have their habitat here. From Terra Maris Biological Museum, you can follow a 3 or 4 kilometer route. You can also rent a Beachcomber Wombat here, a wheelchair that allows you to ride around the beach!

Adapted vacation bungalows for rent in Zeeland

So plenty to do in Zeeland, but now to find suitable accommodation. Renting disabled bungalows in Zeeland is loved by many. Our disabled bungalows in Zeeland accommodate from 2 to 10 people, have a ground-level bathroom for disabled people, feature a walk-in shower with brackets and outside you will find a spacious tiled terrace with garden. The houses have no difficult steps or narrow passages that make it easy to maneuver from room to room. In addition to these facilities, your disabled bungalow in Zeeland is equipped with a dishwasher, free wifi and parking nearby, among other things.

Our custom vacation rentals in Zeeland

Sometimes booking a vacation home for the disabled in Zeeland can be a challenge. Not at Hello Zeeland! Thanks to our range of adapted vacation homes in Zeeland, everyone, including wheelchair users, can have a great vacation or weekend getaway. Our adapted vacation homes in Zeeland are usually equipped with the following facilities: lowered thresholds, a raised toilet and ground-level bathroom. The properties can accommodate from 2 to 10 people and there is a choice of villas, apartments or bungalows in a vacation park. On the coast of Zeeland or rather inland; you can also filter by location through our website. Whether you are looking for a disabled vacation home in Zeeland with private sauna or a cheap disabled vacation home; for a wheelchair-friendly accommodation Zeeland, this is the best website with a wide selection.

Easily rent a custom vacation rental through Hello Zeeland

Looking for an adapted disabled vacation home in Zeeland? On our website you will find more than 20 adapted vacation homes in Zeeland. From a wheelchair-friendly apartment in Zeeland to a disabled bungalow in Zeeland. For many people, Zeeland is the number one vacation province and we want to make that possible for everyone!

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